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Faculty Library Resources: Library Assignment Manager

An overview of library resources pertinent to Georgia College faculty.

GC Library's Mission

Georgia College’s Russell Library prepares inquisitive academics to thrive in an information-intensive and diverse global community by identifying, collecting, and providing access to resources, developing learning-centered services and by providing instruction and expert support in a learning-rich environment. By creating a culture of innovation and a space for collaboration and development, Library faculty and staff seek to impart the skills necessary for success.

For more information, visit the library's About webpage.

Library Liaison Services

When a faculty member creates an assignment that requires students to conduct library research, the faculty member can use the Library Assignment Manager to submit the assignment to the reference librarians before giving the assignment to students. This program will enable reference librarians to better prepare for research questions, thus providing students with better research assistance. The service will also enable greater faculty/librarian collaboration in the creation of library assignments, ensuring that the assignments will effectively utilize the library’s resources.

To submit an assignment:

Click on the Submit Assignment tab below.

Paste the assignment into the email message or send it as an attachment.

Use the Subject line Library Assignment Manager.

The assignment will then be forwarded to the appropriate library liaison.

Submit Assignment

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