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Faculty Library Resources: Copyright

An overview of library resources pertinent to Georgia College faculty.

Fair Use

Fair use is a concept embedded in U.S. law that recognizes that certain uses of copyright-protected works do not require permission from the copyright holder (See Title 17, section 107).

For more information, visit the Fair Use tab in the Copyright and Fair Use Research Guide.


The GC Library and Instructional Technology Center observes copyright and fair use guidelines from the University System of Georgia as defined in the Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Educational Fair Use.

For distance education questions, see The Regents Guide to the TEACH Act.

Common Copyright Scenarios

Often the fine line between copyright infringement and fair use is difficult to ascertain.

Visit the Fair Use tab of the Copyright and Fair Use Research Guide for examples of scenarios that explain the justification for or against fair use.

Common Scenarios 

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