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Special Collections- Outreach and Education: Publication Design Collaboration

Special Collections engages in collaborative educational outreach and offers instruction sessions in archival research.

Winning Posters



 Milledgeville, Georgia, Spring Semester, 2011 – Georgia College’s Special Collections staff and Mass Communications Professor, Macon McGinley teamed up in an endeavor to provide a “real-world” client experience for her Publications Design class. In this collaboration, students learned about Special Collections and the two projects they would be promoting. The class used software programs to design and create posters to market the Legacy Project (a university and local community oral history initiative) and to promote the department’s current exhibit, “Health Education in Review” which will return in August.


During the class’ visit to the archives, departmental staff described the requirements of the projects and the visions for the promotional posters. Students asked questions, jotted down notes, and began brainstorming. A week later, Special Collections’ staff, Katherine Pope and Joshua Kitchens visited the class and critiqued posters for clarity of information and visual impact. The students then spent two weeks editing their work. Special Collections’ personnel made a final visit to select the two winning poster designs which will be printed and showcased on campus and throughout Milledgeville.


Special Collections would like to thank Professor Macon McGinley for providing the opportunity and enthusiasm for this exciting experience and to congratulate 2011’s two winners, Michele McGuire and Diane Health. McGuire said, “I loved the creative freedom associated with designing a poster for Special Collections’ Legacy Project. As a student, I am sincerely appreciative of the educational opportunity and the recognition of my design as it is showcased around the Milledgeville community.” Heath stated that “the ‘Health Education in Review’ exhibit is full of books and lessons that our alumni were taught. It was interesting to see what information was taught back then to help students stay healthy in every aspect of their lives.”


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