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APA Workshop: Scholarly Sources

The two videos below will help you conduct a basic search and generate a citation. These videos will not be easily replicated in all databases; however, they do provide a good overview of the process. In the first video, I suggest not limiting results to full text. By selecting full text you are eliminating results that are accessible via the Find It option and taking away the option to initiate an interlibrary loan request. 

You may also want to use the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals limit. But I strongly suggest you learn how to identify academic research articles by their components and not rely solely on the scholarly limit. 1) Familiarize yourself with what peer review means. 2) Look for the components of a research article: an abstract, description of methods, results, discussion/conclusion, and a list of references.  

Finding Sources (EBSCO databases)

EBSCO's Citation Generator